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Rule Changes Adopted By NFL Owners

A brief outline of the new rule proposals adopted by the NFL owners yesterday, March 28, at their annual meeting.


  1. Overtime rule for the regular season will now be the same as the postseason OT rule
  2. All plays resulting in a turnover will automatically be reviewed
  3. Too many men on the field will now be a dead-ball foul with the clock stopping
  4. Loss of a down for kicking a loose ball
  5. Defenseless player rule expanded to include recipient of a crackback block
The fate of other proposals:



  • Proposal to extend the 15 yard penalty for horse tackles to include quarterbacks in the pocket
  • Proposal to have instant replays reviewed by the booth officials rather than officials on the field


  • Proposal to allow concussed players to be replaced (under certain circumstances)
  • Proposal to allow a player to return from the injury reserved list the same season (under certain circumstances)
  • Proposal to extend the trade deadline from the 6th week of the regular season to the 8th week

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