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NFL Quarterbacks Who Must Deliver in 2012

Other QBs who may be on the hot seat with fans this year:

  • Kevin Kolb, Arizona Cardinals
  • Carson Palmer, Oakland Raiders
  • Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens –though I think he’s done well in his 3 seasons there, fans and/or media love to needle this guy
  • any Seattle Seahawks QB not named Russell Wilson

32 NFL Owners meet to discuss issues and rule changes

After a tumultuous week highlighted by unprecedented suspensions, the Annual NFL Owners meeting began today, March 25, 2012 in Palm Beach, Florida. Some of the issues owners will be discussing are:

  1. Extending postseason overtime rules to the regular season
  2. Automatic review of all plays that result in a turnover
  3. All replay rulings viewed and made by the booth official instead of by the referee on the field
  4. Increasing offseason/training camp rosters from 80 players to 90
  5. Extending 15-yard penalty for horse-collar tackle (pictured above) to include quarterbacks in the pocket
  6. Extending trade deadline from 6 weeks into the regular season to 8
  7. Under some circumstances, allowing a player to return from the injured reserve list the same season
  8. Using college rules for 12 men on the field penalties — making it a dead ball foul as opposed to losing yardage and taking time off the clock
  9. Allowing for concussed players to be replaced.
  10. Possible announcement of opening weekend games/teams


Photo: horse collar tackle by DE Cliff Avril, Lions on QB Carson Palmer, Raiders on 12/18/11. Avril was fined $10,000 for the illegal tackle. Source

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